Ladies, how to fit your size 11UK feet!

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Knowing the right size shoe for you is tricky, however tall you are!

We understand your frustration trying to shop for larger shoes! Understanding the conversions between European and English sizes isn't something you will automatically know or even understand, but we are here to help! 

 Ladies, how to fit your size 11UK feet!

But what size are you ... ? 

This Tuka sling back for example is perfect with the summer weather heading our way.

Let's say you're an English size 10.5 and you have found the perfect pair of shoes made in European sizing. (This is where it gets tricky!) There is no exact conversion. As you can see below, the difference between metric and imperial measurements create this confusing system. However the European size closest to your English size is likely to be the size you need. For example, a ladies size 10.5 would convert to a European size 45 (see below).

Ladies, how to fit your size 11UK feet!

Wearing the right size shoe really does matter. Finding the right fit for your bigger feet is important. Sizes vary between shoe, make and style. For example, the majority of our stock are sourced from Gabor and Remonte. Gabor make their shoes in English sizes, whereas Remonte are made in European sizing. Your sizing will differ between makes, which is important to take into consideration when choosing a new pair of shoes!

It is common to find that one of your feet is slightly bigger than the other. When buying shoes do bare this in mind. We suggest that you start looking at shoes from Remonte, as all of their shoes have removable insoles. Removing the insole helps to create room for your slightly bigger foot. You could even replace the existing insole with your own orthopaedic one. It is a habit to buy shoes that fit your smaller foot rather than your bigger foot. Use your common sense and buy whatever feels most comfortable. However we would advise to think about your bigger foot too as walking around in shoes slightly smaller than you need can cause your feet more preventable problems. It might be that you can wear a thicker sock to counteract the 'different sized foot dilemma'! 

Ladies, how to fit your size 11UK feet!


It is true that soft leather and suede gives slightly, moulding to your foot. But this dose not mean that they will dramatically increase in width or length. There's a difference between a "snug", comfortable fit and a "tight", uncomfortable fit. When you find a pair of shoes you like, have a good walk up and down in them. This should help confirm in your mind if the shoes fit properly and suite your feet. 


Finding bigger shoes for women can be difficult. When you know both your European and UK size, fitting your longer feet sizes 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 12 ... will be easy! 

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